EuroNanoForum 2017

Strengthening the competitiveness of European manufacturing industries through nano and advanced materials technologies and open innovation

1000 Delegates | 3 Plenaries | 15 Sessions | 70+ speakers | 50 exhibitors

21 - 23 June 2017, Valletta, Malta


3 plenaries
15 sessions
70 speakers

Interactive Events

Brokerage event
Poster and Project Sessions


Companies, RTOs
EU-Projects & Institutions


Best Project 2017
Best Poster 2017
Nanotech Europe Award 2017


1Registration08:00-09:00Sacra Infermeria
2Plenary 1: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for the European Re-industrialisationJoe Murphy , Magnus Berggren , Therese Comodini Cachia , Peter Dröll , Chris Cardona , Martin Curley 09:00-11:00Republic Hall
3Coffee break & poster session with authors11:00-11:30Sacra Infermeria
4Session 1: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies for low carbon green energyJohn Bøgild Hansen , Alejandro Pérez-Rodríguez , Fabrice Stassin , Artur Kupczunas , Sophie Mailley 11:30-13:00Republic Hall
5Session 10: Nanotechnology in printing and additive manufacturingIoanna Zergioti , Monika Lelonek , Edward Borg , Michael Thiel 11:30-13:00M.A. Grima Hall
6Session 14: Pilot lines for industrial implementation11:30-13:00Vassalli Hall
7Networking Lunch13:00-14.30Sacra Infermeria
8Session 4: Nanotechnology and advanced materials in consumer goodsFarnaz Ghajeri , Jiří Kůs , Carla Joana Silva , Paul Kiekens 14:30 - 16:00Republic Hall
9Session 7: Nanotechnology in buildings and construction industryMichele Andolfo , Santeri Suoranta , Dieter Meissner , Antonio Porro Gutierrez 14:30-16:00M.A. Grima Hall
10Session 12: Nanomanufacturing, characterisation and metrologyNikos Kehagias , Marco Sebastiani , Raffaele Correale , Stefan Dimov 14:30-16:00Vassalli Hall
11Coffee break & poster session with authors16:00-16.30Sacra Infermeria
12Session 3: Nano-enabled healthcare, nano-medicine and medical technologiesJuuso Konttinen , Iraida Loinaz , Patrick Boisseau 16:30-17:45Republic Hall
13Session 8: Nanotechnologies and advanced materials for machinery and process toolsPhilipp Dreiss , Amaya Igartua , Bertrand Fillon , Patrik Karlsson 16:30-17:45M.A. Grima Hall
14Session 13: Technology and business networks in Europe - promoting innovation and new industrial venturesMarie D’Iorio , Mark Nicklas , Margarethe Hofmann-Amtenbrink , Leon Gielgens , Peter Dröll 16:30-17:45Vassalli Hall
15Workshop 10: Impact in H2020. A Crash-Course in how to make an impression with your project17:00-18:00Syndicate Lounge 9
16Welcome Reception and Posters18:00-19:30Sacra Infermeria
1Registration08:15-09:00Sacra Infermeria
2Plenary 2: Nanotechnology for industrial successMichel Glotin , Klaus-Michael Weltring , Fabio Gualandris , Berthold Hellenthal , Ed de Jong 09:00-11:00Republic Hall
3Coffee break & poster session with author11:00-11:30Sacra Infermeria
4Session 6: Nanotechnology in smart, green and integrated transportationWinfried Keiper , Keith Simons , Joseph Cilia 11:30-13:00Republic Hall
5Session 9: Electromechanical and fluidic systems at nano-scaleAndreas Schutze , Jason Reese , Mahavir Singh , Sara Manzano 11:30-13:00M.A. Grima Hall
6Session 11: Materials modelling in an industrial contextAdham Hashibon , Rudy Koopmans , Salim Belouettar , Gerhard Goldbeck 11:30-13:00Vassalli Hall
7Networking Lunch13:00-14:30Sacra Infermeria
8Session 2: Nanotechnology applications for electronicsEnda Ward , Ilkka Varjos , Herbert Pairitsch , Elvira Fortunato , Roberto Zafalon 14:30-16:00Republic Hall
9Session 5: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for a bio-based and circular economyMatti Heikkilä , Jan Meneve , David Sacco , Karen Hanghøj 14:30-16:00M.A. Grima Hall
10Session 15: The societal dimension and governance of innovationEugenia Valsami-Jones , Abdelqader Sumrein , Tero Mustonen , Daan Schuurbiers , Keld Alstrup Jensen 14:30-16:00Vassalli Hall
11Coffee break & poster session with authors16:00-16:30Sacra Infermeria
12Plenary 3: Investing in nanotechnologyMagnus Ryde , Valeria Nicolosi , Jeremy Noah Agius , Peter Dröll , Lisa Friedersdorf 16:30-18:00Republic Hall
13Conference Reception and awards19:00-21:00Pjazza Marina at Grand Hotel Excelsior

Some of our industry speakers

Berthold Hellenthal

Berthold Hellenthal

Head of Audi comprehensive semiconductor strategy, Audi AG

David Sacco

David Sacco

Manager Water Production at Malta Water Services Corporation

Ed de Jong

Ed de Jong

Vice President of Development at Avantium

Enda Ward

Enda Ward

Camera Architecture & Technology Group Leader / Senior Expert at Valeo Vision Systems

Fabio Gualandris

Fabio Gualandris

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Back-End Manufacturing & Technology organization at ST Microelectronics

Fabrice Stassin

Fabrice Stassin

Managing Director at EMIRI, Manager of EU Government Affairs at Umicore

Herbert Pairitsch

Herbert Pairitsch

Senior Manager Technology & Innovation bei Infineon Technologies

Jeremy Noah Agius

Jeremy Noah Agius

Branch Manager at APS Bank


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The Mediterranean Conference Centre

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Also happening in Malta in June

Smart Systems Integration Master Class, 26-28.6.2017 at Valletta Campus of Malta University

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The event is organised under the auspices of the Maltese presidency of the European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme

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