Nanotechnology and electronics: powering growth in the EU

At this year’s EuroNanoForum we’ll be joined by esteemed experts from the world of micro and nanoelectronics to take a closer look at this rapidly progressing field and the impacts of breakthrough technologies on the industry.

Fabio Gualandris the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Back-End Manufacturing & Technology organization will represent ST Microelectronics in the Plenary 2 session which discusses the role of nanotechnology on industrial success.  Furthermore, the thematic Session 2 dedicated to “Nanotechnology applications for electronics” brings on stage four other distinguished speakers. Herbert Pairitsch is the senior manager of technology and innovation at Infineon Technologies AG and leader of its working group on charging stations.

From NXP Semiconductors in Germany we welcome Georg Menges whose roles include managing the company’s engagement with national and international collaborative projects. Regarding printed flexible electronics we have two exciting presentations: Elvira Fortunato, professor in materials science at the New University of Lisbon and director of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Nanofabrication and Nanomodeling (i3N) and CENIMAT highlights the potential of paper based electronics while Ilkka Varjos, VP Technology at Canatu, focuses on formable touch devices enabled by transparent conductive carbon nanofilms, the specialty of this emerging SME company.

Change happens fast in the world of nanoelectronics, and many interesting topics are emerging from the research all the time. Since graphene first appeared in 2004, other 2D materials have been arriving hot on its heels, bringing ever-greater potential for applications in areas such as photovoltaics and semiconductors. These topics will be tackled in the dedicated session at ENF2017.

At EuroNanoForum 2017, we look forward to bringing you all these latest developments in micro and nanoelectronics  as well as related fabrication methods. Come and join us in Malta!