The perfect match: nanotechnologies in 3D printing and additive manufacturing

The potential of 3D printing and additive manufacturing offers a bewildering array of applications. Already proven to be an invaluable asset in the medical and vehicle manufacturing sectors, it can also be found in clothing and food industries and even the heritage sector as an advanced method for recreating damaged artifacts.

And 3D printing is also going green: joining the discussion this year, ENF2017 is delighted to welcome several key experts in the field to explore the future of nanotechnology in printing additive manufacturing. Edward Borg is co-founder and CTO at Thought3D, the Maltese company which aims to solve major issues in additive manufacturing. Dr Monika Lelonek is joint owner and CEO at SmartMembrane – the idea for the company won her first prize at the Nano Entrepreneur Academy. Dr Ioanna Zergioti is associate professor at the National Technical University of Athens, whose main activities are related to the laser additive processing for organic electronics and biomedical applications. She is currently coordinating the BIOCDx project. Completing the list is Dr Michael Thiel who is CSO at Nanoscribe, the company he co-founded in 2007 at just twenty five years old. In 2016 he was the recipient of European CTO of the year award.

This exciting topic will be covered in the tenth session of ENF2017, ‘Nanotechnologies in printing and additive manufacturing’.