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Plenary Sessions


Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for the European Re-industrialisation


Nanotechnology for industrial success


Investing in Nanotechnology

Sessions track 1: Nanotechnology in industrial applications

Session 1

Advanced materials and nanotechnologies for low carbon green energy

Session 2

Nanotechnology applications for electronics

Session 3

Nano-enabled healthcare, and nano-medicine and medical technologies

Session 4

Nanotechnology and advanced materials in consumer goods

Session 5

Advanced materials and nanotechnology for a bio-based and circular economy

Session 6

Nanotechnology in smart, green and integrated transportation

Session 7

Nanotechnology in buildings and construction industry

Session 8

Nanotechnologies and advanced materials for machinery and process tools

Session 9

Electromechanical and fluidic systems at nano-scale

Session 10

Nanotechnology in printing and additive manufacturing

Sessions track 2: Enablers of the nano based success

Session 11

Materials modelling in an industrial context

Session 12

Nanomanufacturing and nanometrology

Session 13

Technology and business networks in Europe – promoting innovation and new industrial ventures

Session 14

Pilots lines for industrial implementation

Session 15

Policy frameworks and societal aspects