Andreas Falk

Andreas Falk

Andreas Falk


Andreas Falk, MSc (male) is CEO of BNN, studied biomedical sciences, and business administration (University of Graz); was/is part of >15 completed/ongoing national and European projects in the thematic fields of medicine, nanotechnology, nanotoxicology, nano-health, and sensor solutions. He is active within several national and international working groups (member of coordination team of NanoSafety Cluster (NSC), ETP-Nanomedicine (executive board and vice-chair of WG Toxicology&Characterisation) as well as chair of national technology platform NanoMedicine-Austria; member of ETP-SusChem (chair of national technology platform SusChem-AT), NANOfutures (Austrian lighthouse), COST-Actions, chair of industrial innovation liaison-working group of pilot projects/NSC, etc. In the field of nano-safety/nanotoxicology and industrial innovation support, he contributed >70 oral and >20 poster presentations on international scientific conference.

Abstract Title: Open Innovation by Pilot upscaling – the strategic framework and the EPPN

Abstract: The networking of Pilot projects/lines enables the rapid deployment of new technology and holds an important business potential. Europe must exploit this potential and there is a need to facilitate collaborations and business development, and to look at value chains across borders.

The development of new nano-enabled production systems is complicated and the development of products even more, as it requires cooperation along the value chain.

The establishment of a quality network to support pilot production is hence crucial.

The aim of European Pilot Production Network (EPPN) is to address these challenges and opportunities. The EPPN CSA initiative, funded by the European Commission, has the ambition to develop a solid network of European pilot production pilot facilities in the area of nanotechnology and advanced materials, and set up the pillars for its efficient implementation with a sustainable strategy that, ultimately, will contribute to reinforcing the European pilot ecosystem and the creation of new businesses.



WORKSHOP 3: Open Innovation by PILOT Upscaling – the strategic framework and the EPPN – Successful example of an existing ecosystem as a potential Innovation Hub