Antonio Porro Gutierrez

Antonio Porro Gutierrez

Antonio Porro Gutierrez

Director of Business Development, Building Division at Tecnalia

Dr. Antonio Porro is Business Development Director as well as Chief Technology Officer at TECNALIA Sustainable Construction Division. He obtained his PhD degree in Chemistry at the University of the Basque Country. His background is on Physical Chemistry.

He was formerly managing the Centre for Applications of Nanomaterials in Construction (NANOC), created in 2002 at TECNALIA Construction, which has been recognised by the Spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas as Associated Unit to CSIC (Spanish High Scientific Research Council). This group recognised also as part of C.I.C. nanoGUNE. Dr. Porro works in the area of Nanotechnology aiming to the development of multifunctional materials. He has been appointed as Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of the West of Scotland.

Dr. Porro is member of both, the Conseil Scientifique et Technologique and the Conseil Surveillance of the INEF4 (Innovation ¬Excellence Facteur 4: Rehebilitation et Construction Durables). He also has been member of the EUROPEAN THEORETICAL SPECTROSCOPY FACILITY Advisory Committee. Dr. Porro has been member of the European Delegation, by invitation of the DG Research, at the EC-NSF Joint Workshop “From Nanomaterials to Nanotechnology”. He has been member of the “Nano and Bio Mechanics of Materials Panel” of the Nanotechnology Interdisciplinary Research Team (U.S. National Science Foundation, March 2006). He also was member of the DG Research “Ad-Hoc” Advisory Group on Industrial Nanotechnologies (2008-2009).

He is also member of the Spanish Network NANOSPAIN. He has been member of the “Asociación Hispano-Francesa de Cooperación Científica y Técnica”. He also has been EUROLAB (European Association of Testing Laboratories) representative on the EUROLAB-EURACHEM-EUROMET-EAL Working Group: “Selection and use of Reference Materials”.

Dr. Porro is inventor in four patents. Two of these patents are under industrialisation process. He has created a start-up: NACOALIA.

Dr. Antonio Porro has been acting as Proposals Evaluator on:

– European Commission FP7-NMP, FP6-NMP and FP4-SMT Programmes.
– Spanish National Evaluation and Prospective Agency (ANEP), Materials Programme).
– USA National Science Foundation Panellist (NIRT).

– Republic of Cyprus, DIDAKTOR Programme.

Abstract Title: Nanotechnology, value creation for the built environment

Abstract: This presentation will focus on a new product that is introduced into the materials for construction market. It is a nano-enabled product for the market of cement and its derivate products. The product, named nanoseed, improves cement performance at low cost. The key feature is its capacity to develop concrete early strength at low, ambient and heat curing temperature.
The development process was initiated from a very basic starting point. The first step was the product computational design (TRL2). Multi-scale modelling process, derived from EU funded project CODICE, gave the main input for the product concept. The second step was the production at lab-scale (TRL3) of the new product. This step was followed by the product proof-of-concept at the previously mentioned scale (TRL4). After a successful product validation, in a relevant environment (TRL6), the up-scaling process was initiated (TRL7). The last step was the production, under industrial conditions (full scale production plant), of a single batch of product (several tons). Once TRL8 was achieved the product development was successfully achieved.
The whole process output is, nowadays, a real business opportunity which is now ready for investment.