Fabrice Stassin

Fabrice Stassin

Fabrice Stassin

Managing Director at EMIRI, Manager of EU Government Affairs at Umicore

Dr. Fabrice Stassin is the Managing Director of the Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative (EMIRI) Association. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry & Materials Science as well as a Master in Management from the University of Liège in Belgium. He worked a few years as managing director of a Belgium-based RTO active in White Biotech and later as strategy consultant for the chemical industry in the Netherlands in the fields of innovation, sustainability, and value creation through mergers and acquisitions. In 2008, he joined Umicore (an industrial leader in advanced materials and recycling) as innovation manager covering clean technologies. Since 2012, he has been part of the Brussels-based team of Umicore Government Affairs focusing on Energy Materials. Stassin was instrumental in the development of the EMIRI Association, which he has managed since 2014. EMIRI represents more than 60 organizations (industry, research, and associations) active in advanced materials for low-carbon energy. The association contributes to industrial leadership of developers and producers of advanced materials for low-carbon energy technologies materials by shaping an appropriate innovation, manufacturing, and energy policy framework at the European level.

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Abstract Title: “Establishing the Industrial Leadership of Europe in Advanced Materials for the Energy Union – The Role of Innovation”

Abstract: This presentation will discuss the key enabling role that the industry of advanced materials plays in facilitating the development and deployment of low carbon energy technologies in Europe, while creating growth and jobs. After a short introduction to the Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative, this presentation will address global trends in low-carbon energy technologies, highlight elements of the European sector of advanced materials for low-carbon energy technologies, and outline recommendations to solve European energy challenges and ensure industrial leadership of the sector. This talk will also present the key priorities from industry for more effective and efficient innovation on advanced materials for low-carbon energy in Europe.


WORKSHOP 7: Nanotechnology & advanced materials for the energy union – Going circular