Farnaz Ghajeri

Farnaz Ghajeri

Farnaz Ghajeri

Research Officer at Svenska Aerogel AB

I am research officer at Svenska Aerogel AB and industrial PhD student at the department of Engineering Science, Applied Materials Science, Uppsala University. Svenska Aerogel AB develops, adapts, and produces a nanoporous silica based material with properties like aerogels but considerably cheaper to produce. I do research on the synthesis and analysis of the nanoporous materials using different analytical tools to understand and model the structure of the materials with the aim to enhance the material properties depending on application area for optimised efficiency. Analysis techniques include e.g. Electron Microscopy Methods. I also do extensive studies on understanding the maturing process of the products to support quality assurance and to improve work processes and efficiency.

Previously I worked at St Andrews University in Scotland on a project focussing the design, fabrication and experimental realization of ultra-lightweight advanced Aerogel materials. I did my BSc in Physics and MSc. in x-ray Crystallography.

Main fields of interest:  Synthesis and applications of nanoporous materials for industrial development

Abstract Title: Market applications and developments of a nano-material meeting environmental and cost efficiency in industrial processes.

Abstract:  Svenska Aerogel (Sv.A.) is a research and development company that commercializes a patented environmentally friendly nano-material called Quartzene® for different industrial applications. The commercialization is done in close cooperation with industrial partners representing different key business areas. The company is selected as SME company for SME-Quartzene project funded by the EC, with objectives including validating Quartzene® in thermal insulation applications by 4 potential customers as an insulator material in cellulosic food containers, foamed concrete, mineral wool products and surface treatments for automotive industry.
Quartzene® is a silica based nano/mesoporous material produced considering Aerogels as model materials with properties like Aerogels but considerably cheaper in cost. Its chemical properties, in terms of hydrophilicity/-phobicity, can be tailored to fit application. Due to its fascinating properties, it has a wide range of application areas and currently it is used for insulation, paint and coating, gas and liquid filtration applications; e.g. absorbing ethylene gas produced by groceries and fruits in food packaging.

The material presents a cost-efficient advanced nano-structure supporting endless industrial application areas, and offering environmentally friendly solutions meeting sustainable future goals.

To optimize Quartzene® properties for different applications, make the synthesis process reproducible and understand how the material’s structure is related to their properties, material analysis methods are studied to be custom-made for this very special class of materials in cooperation with universities, research institutes and industrial partners. Techniques that used for this approach are among others Electron Microscopy methods (SEM, FIB, TEM).

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