Iraida Loinaz

Iraida Loinaz

Iraida Loinaz

Health Business Developement Manager of CIDETEC

Dr. Loinaz currently is the Health Business Developement Manager of CIDETEC. She has specialized in Organic Chemistry and her Ph.D. thesis focused on peptidic synthesis and synthesis in perfluorocarbon media.

In 2004 she moved to Fundación CIDETEC. In 2005 she became the Head of Biomaterials Unit in CIDETEC. The main research activities of the Unit have been focused from the beginning in the synthesis and characterization of biomaterials and bioactive surfaces.

She has a strong background in the synthesis of polymer nanoparticles, nanogels and hydrogels, with special attention in the synthesis of single-chain polymer nanoparticles with application in drug-delivery and imaging. The group has also patented a new family of hydrogels based on supramolecular cross-linking. In the field of bioactive surfaces, the group actively works on the generation of highly hydrophilic coatings to reduce the wear and friction in prosthesis, or controlling the biofouling. In the last years the group has been specialized in translational research and they are establishing a pilot plant operating under GMP for the production of nanopharmaceuticals.

Main fields of interest: Nanomedicine, nanopharmaceuticals, Pilot manufacturing, Polymer nanoparticles, biomaterials.

Read more about Iraida and her work here.

Title of the presentation at ENF2017: NanoPilot: A pilot plant operating under GMP for nanopharmaceuticals manufacturing.

Dr Loinaz:  “It is my first time attending EuroNanoForum, I really look forward to meeting main stakeholders in the field of nanotechnologies for health and share our experiences in the field.”