Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy

CE100 Network Manager at Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Joe works for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and manages the CE100 innovation platform. Day to day, Joe works closely with small and large businesses to understand their specific circular economy challenges and help frame their opportunity space. This encompasses designing and delivering bespoke innovation workshops, brokering and facilitating collaboration, and curating and hosting multi-day immersive events.

Joe also leads the Foundation’s work with Emerging Innovators and is responsible for growing networks within the venture community and identifying leading disruptors and breakthrough innovation.

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Abstract Title: Big questions / small answers

Abstract: To appreciate the circular economy, we must first accept that the incumbent economic operating model abides by linear, take-make-dispose, principles. High throughput, heavily optimised, and efficient but dependant on finite resources, wasteful, polluting, and built on a stock of underused assets.

The circular economy offers a modernised economy, one that is regenerative and restorative by design. But decades of intense supply chain optimisation have led to innovation silos. The result is a material economy that is overly complex and unfit for circularity.

The digital revolution is enabling a change of tack: rather than following the path of standardisation, scale and blind efficiency, the way is now clear to a distributed, personalised and networked future. A future that has the power to radically increase virtualisation, transparency, participation, and create a more elegant and regenerative material economy.

Can nano technology play a key role in transforming the material economy by designing out complex material composites? And can the circular economy framework inspire other possibilities?