Klaus-Michael Weltring

Klaus-Michael Weltring

Klaus-Michael Weltring

Managing Director at Nanobioanalytic Muenster, Member of Board at ETP Nanomedicine

Dr. Klaus-Michael Weltring is a molecular biologist by training with a PhD and a Habilitation degree from the University of Münster. Since 2001 he is the managing director of bioanalytik-muenster, a local network of researchers from different disciplines and SMEs, responsible for the development of the Münster region into a leading nanobioanalytic location at the European level.

Between 2003 and 2008 he was the deputy-coordinator of the Nano2Life Network of Excellence and leader of the “ELSA” Board in this network. He co-managed the Nanomedicine Round Table and the EuroNanoBio projects and participated in the NANOMED2020 project (FP7 CSA projects).

Since 2009 he is a member of the Executive Board of the ETP Nanomedicine leading the ELSA Advisory Group of this platform. Since March 2015 he is the chair of the German platform NanoBioMedicine. At the local level he is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Nano-Bioanalytik-Zentrum Münster (NBZ) and manages the Nano-Characterization-Lab Muenster (www.NCL-Muenster.de) interfacing 11 local companies, which develops new and certified methods for characterization of Nanomaterials in consumer products and biological systems.

Currently he is partner in the EU-projects ENATRANS and EU-NCL.

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