Matti Heikkilä

Matti Heikkilä

Matti Heikkilä

CTO at MetGen

Matti has an MBA and a biotechnology engineering degree. He has more than a decade of experience in creating new technologies and business models for industrial biotechnology, starting with Genencor/DuPont. During his career he has had various international leadership roles and organizational development responsibilities. In his current position as the CTO at MetGen, he has developed MetGen’s technologies as well as the organization to gain capacity to serve large industrial markets.

In addition to his CTO position, Matti is currently holding positions as New Business Development Director as well as Marketing Director. He is also the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) towards European Commission and is responsible for 6 currently ongoing Horizon 2020 projects.

Abstract title: Industrial Enzymes for Cellulosic Sugars and Beyond – the Power and Speed of Tailored Solutions

Abstract: The challenge of using lignocellulosic biomass is to fully utilize the raw material to bring each end product to affordable cost. This is very much a team-effort for bio-based industries, as the solution can be found in the efficient use and valorization of all of the raw material

MetGen has created a technology platform that allows for development and supply of novel enzymes in industry leading time. Achieved level of efficiency has enabled MetGen to provide solutions across the entire bio-industry’s value-chain: Innovative enzymatic solutions streamline the production of platform sugars, and most importantly, enable new ways to further convert those sugars to value-added chemicals and materials and also valorize lignin.

Sustainable future of renewable chemicals is already within our reach: We have the technologies to eliminate waste streams and turn them into valuable side-streams. Furthermore, when it comes to designing new industrial processes, there should not be a question of biology or chemistry – the answer is biology and chemistry.