Michele Andolfo

Michele Andolfo

Michele Andolfo

Scientist at Selena Labs Sp. z o.o.

Mr. Michele Andolfo Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Padova; experienced in synthesis of polymeric material, since 2005 he is working in Polyurethane industry, realizing a huge variety of different formulations, flexible, integral, viscoelastic, spray polyurethane 2k component foams, elastomer, gels and synthesis of prepolymers for polyurethane 2k foams and 1k foams.

He is leading a group of industrial research with the intent of developing new and innovative products in the world of business construction and polyurethane world.

Michele Andolfo is involved in H2020 project “EEnsulate” . He is the project leader and the inventor of the EEnsulate foam concept. He put together the partners of WP2. He created a Selena team around this project creating a cross cutting knowledge group, spacing from polyurethane to inorganic chemistry.

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Abstract Title:  Advanced Nanocomposite material in Efficient Building

Abstract: We will show two different applications of a nanocomposite polymer material, first: Polyurethane (PUs) foams are an important class of polymers that have wide application in a number of different industrial sectors. Because of their nanometer-size dispersion, polymer nanocomposites exhibit improved mechanical, thermal and chemical properties when they are compared with pristine polymer or conventional composites. Layered inorganic nanostructures, can be intercalated or exfoliated into polymer matrix. Because of the larger surface area and high aspect ratio of the nanoclay layers, the exfoliated structures generally provide the best performance. In this study new organically modified layered double hydroxides (LDHs) and α-zirconium phosphate (ZrP) nanocomposites able to provide improvement in insulation properties and fire resistance performance through addition of low loading of fillers have been produced. Second: acrylic sealant is one of the predominant polymers in sealant application, due to its easy supply and cheap price, it dominates the market. In this study we will show how to nobilitate a cheap product with nanostructured material and still being price-competitive. The final product will show enhanced resistance to microbial corrosion that will help Selena to achieve higher market share thanks to Nanotechnology.