Raffaele Correale

Raffaele Correale

Raffaele Correale

Technology and R&D Director NanoTech Analysis

Raffaele Correale is the Technology and R&D Director of NanoTech Analysis. In his role he also contributed to some of the patents filed by NTA.

Raffaele holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Physics from Trento University – in cooperation with the Fritz Haber Institute of Berlin – and a Master (Post-Degree Course) in Theoretical Quantum Fields from Pisa University. From Pisa University he had also obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Theoretical Physics in 1993.

Raffaele joined Varian Inc. in 2001 (then Agilent Technologies) covering different management positions from Technical Product Manager for Turbo pumps in 2004 to Vacuum Engineering Manager until 2013.

He has published many international papers on specific scientific journals and is also the author of few patents filed during the last 15 years.

Read more about Raffaele and his work here.

Main fields of interest: nanotechnologies, applied physics.

Raffaele will discuss about a novel nanotechnology approach to multi gas detection and pressure measurement.