Roberto Zafalon

Roberto Zafalon

Roberto Zafalon

Director of EU Technology Programmes at STMicroelectronics

Dr. Roberto Zafalon is EU Technology Programmes Director, Italy R&D and Public Affairs, in charge to foster and leverage the link between ST technology groups and the R&D cooperative EU programs at STMicroelectronics, Agrate Brianza (Milano), Italy. In his current capacity since July 2007, he elaborates the vision and roadmap, seeks for project financing and drives industrial R&D teams to pursue innovative solutions in the field of embedded systems and nanoelectronics, for corporate product divisions and labs. He is with STMicroelectronics (one of world’s top 5 semiconductor firms) since 28 years.

He is Steering Board member of ARTEMIS-IA and EPOSS (the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration) and member of AENEAS working groups. He currently is, and has been in the past, General Project Manager and Coordinator of major Integrated Projects under FP6, FP7 and JTI calls 2009-2016, including Large Scale KET Pilot Lines currently in execution.

During his carrier, Dr. Zafalon has been participating and leading several internal Task Forces and Special Action Groups at corporate level, addressing from Design Methodology, to Signal Integrity, to Low Power Design and Policy for IP Reuse. He has a large experience of managing and coordinating industrial and geographically distributed R&D teams, managing resources (i.e. people vs. goals and budget) as well as international research projects, including European MEDEA+ and FP5, FP6, FP7 and H2020 research frameworks.

During his carrier, Dr. Zafalon gave invited keynotes and full-day Tutorials on research topics related to Low power design, architectures, energy efficiency and MEMS Sensors at many distinguished IEEE international conferences and PhDs Summer Schools. He has been an invited reviewer of IEEE Transaction on CAD, Transaction on VLSI, IEE Proceedings and has been serving as Subject Area Editor with Journal of System Architecture (Elsevier publisher).

As of today, he contributed to 86 international scientific publications so far, including Conferences, Journals/Transactions and Books. He holds 8 international patents, four European, three USA and one Japanese, in the field of low power design, processors and architectures. He has been a fellow member of the STMicroelectronics Patent Committee. He is IEEE Senior Member since 2006.

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Abstract Title: KET Pilot Lines on smart systems are strategic assets in EU.

Abstract: As IoT technology is on its way to connect 50 billion “things” to the Internet by 2020, most analysts expect the internet traffic will get close to 44 Zettabytes (i.e. 10^21 bytes)! Under this scenario, the key market drivers today are Smart Mobile, wireless broad band, IoT and Smart objects.
Thanks to this megatrend, the European eco-system is fostering the new Renaissance of semiconductor industry.
We’ll look at the new process to discover the best innovation and growth opportunities in the field of Nanoelectronics’ More than Moore: a key enabling technology (KET) that is currently contributing to the European Manufacturing’s recovery after the 2011 crisis.