Rudy Koopmans

Rudy Koopmans

Rudy Koopmans

Director of the Plastics Innovation Competence Center (PICC)

Dr. Rudy Koopmans fosters creative thinking that stimulates innovative science and technology and application development that impacts industry and contributes to a sustainable society.

  • Director of Plastics Innovation Competence Center (PICC)
  • Director of Institute for Applied Plastics Research (iRAP)
  • Lecturer ETH-Zurich – Department of Materials – Zürich
  • Former R&D Fellow at The Dow Chemical Company
  • PhD in Physical & Macromolecular Chemistry – University Antwerp (B)
  • Master in Business Adminstration – University Leuven (B)


  • 70+ papers in international journals and contributed book chapters
  • 2 books
  • 20+ patents

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Abstract Title: Show cases on the use of modelling in industry.

Abstract: Materials Modelling is globally considered a key strength of the European science and technology community. The developers and users landscape however is very diverse, scattered over many and different type of organisations, and shows little visible impact as to facilitating European industrial growth. The European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC – ) Coordination Support Action is aiming to accelerate the visibility and promotion of the various ways materials modelling can impact good industrial practices. Using a few examples from the industrial practice of plastics processing the importance of materials modelling is demonstrated. Critical for success is: educated model access, and the ease of use to address specific industrial challenges. Additionally, making materials modelling an integrated part of the operational practice can significantly substantiate fact based decision making and raise the effectiveness and efficiency of product developments.