Sara Manzano

Sara Manzano

Sara Manzano

Innovation Project Manager at Advanced Innovation and Technology Corporation (ADItech).

Sara Manzano, Eng., MS.C., Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering with more than six-years-experience in R&D, innovation and promotion of new technologies, in both private and public companies, working on highly specialized international and multidisciplinary environments. Sara joined ADItech Technology Corporation covering R&D management position and coordinating activities of innovative projects in the field of biomedicine and nanotechnologies.

ADItech is a technology corporation from Navarra Region (Spain) that brings together technology and research centers, universities and industrial companies in the fields of industry (automotive and mechatronics), health, renewable energies and agri-food (food chain), with a clear international vocation. ADItech has a representation office in Brussels.

From 2009 to 2015 she worked as a research specialist for Aragon Institute of Engineering Research (i3A, Aragon, Spain) in the field of computational 3D modelling of soft tissues and new biomedical materials for tissue repairing. Between 2013 and 2014 she collaborated with the University of Columbia (NY, EE.UU.) and the University of Oxford (Oxford, UK), where she designed different strategies of promotion and cooperation with American and British institutions. She has published many international papers on specific scientific journals and conferences during the last 8 years.

Since January 2016, she is coordinating the Net Market Fluidics H2020 project, a market approach for tackling the bottlenecks preventing the deployment of micro and nanofluidics in Europe through the creation and spread of an online Market Place to connect industrials and researchers in this field.

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