Tero Mustonen

Tero Mustonen

Tero Mustonen

Global New Substance Coordinator, Performance Chemicals Division at BASF

Tero Mustonen holds a PhD in microelectronics and a M.Sc. in chemistry from University of Oulu, Finland. Since 2005 he was working in the field of printed electronics developing ink-jet printing of carbon nanotubes for sensor and transistor applications. In 2008 he switched from academia to industry and joined Ciba to lead activities in printed technologies in Finland. The main field at that time was in printed electronics, but also printed diagnostics and printed optics were part of his project portfolio.

In 2010 he moved to Switzerland and joined the Printed Systems group of BASF, taking responsibility in the new technologies and materials for printed electronics, especially electrochromic materials for display, smart window and smart packaging applications. During 2009-2014 he was in the advisory board of PrintoCent, taking part in the foundation of world class pilot/production environment located at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland with special focus on R2R- and hybrid production and optical measurements.

Since few years he has been located at the BASF headquarters in Germany and shifted focus from R&D to regulatory topics. At his current role as a Global New Substance Coordinator, he is responsible of “guiding” new chemistry from the R&D pipeline to the market through the global regulatory playground to ensure the freedom to operate for years to come. At BASF, he belongs to the Performance Chemicals division, that is, new innovations in the fields of Fuel & Lubricant solutions, Mining & Oilfield solutions, Plastic additives, and Leather, Paper and Water treatment.


Abstract title: R&D pipeline steering through emerging regulations

Abstract: The talk will present a methodology called Sustainable Solution Steering (or shortly TripleS) developed by BASF. This methodology is developed to address the need to quantify the contribution of BASF products for the three pillars of sustainability: economy, environment and society. The TripleS assessment results in a categorization of product based on its overall contribution to the sustainability and shows which sustainability topics are addressed when using the product. Additionally, the methodology finds products where actions are required to fulfill the regulatory requirements or even force to phase out some products due to their challenging regulatory, environmental or health properties. TripleS is also used to steer the BASF R&D pipeline towards more sustainable solutions and to challenge the R&D projects to take account possible hurdles on the way to commercialization. The presentation concentrates more on the R&D side of the TripleS and show how the ever evolving regulatory world around the globe is taken into account to steer the R&D projects in a right direction.