20 June 2017

14.00 – 18.00    Pre-event registration at Sacra Infermeria

19.00 – 20.30    VIP Cocktail (invitation only) at Tiki Village Club, Grand Hotel Excelsior

Conference Schedule

Throughout the event it will be possible to register, visit the poster exhibition and the Nanotech Europe exhibition stands.

1Registration08:00-09:00Sacra Infermeria
2Plenary 1: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for the European Re-industrialisationMagnus Berggren , Therese Comodini Cachia , Chris Cardona , Martin Curley 09:00-11:00Republic Hall
3Coffee break & poster session with authors11:00-11:30Sacra Infermeria
4Session 1: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies for low carbon green energySophie Mailley 11:30-13:00TBA
5Session 10: Nanotechnology in printing and additive manufacturingEdward Borg , Michael Thiel 11:30-13:00TBA
6Session 14: Pilot lines for industrial implementation11:30-13:00TBA
7Networking Lunch13:00-14.30Sacra Infermeria
8Session 4: Nanotechnology and advanced materials in consumer goodsJiří Kůs , Carla Joana Silva , Paul Kiekens 14:30 - 16:00TBA
9Session 7: Nanotechnology in buildings and construction industryMichele Andolfo , Santeri Suoranta , Dieter Meissner , Antonio Porro Gutierrez 14:30-16:00TBA
10Session 12: Nanomanufacturing, characterisation and metrologyMarco Sebastiani , Raffaele Correale , Stefan Dimov 14:30-16:00TBA
11Coffee break & poster session with authors16:00-16.30Sacra Infermeria
12Session 3: Nano-enabled healthcare, nano-medicine and medical technologiesJuuso Konttinen , Iraida Loinaz , Patrick Boisseau 16:30-17:45TBA
13Session 8: Nanotechnologies and advanced materials for machinery and process toolsPatrik Karlsson 16:30-17:45TBA
14Session 13: Technology and business networks in Europe - promoting innovation and new industrial venturesLeon Gielgens , Peter Droll 16:30-17:45TBA
15Welcome Reception and Posters18:00-19:30Sacra Infermeria